When Identity Becomes a Direction Part 3: Scripts of Extraction

In the current time those who are assigned the blue or pink landscape must remain aligned with its colour, they are sent there based on biological features. There is those who try and wash off their colour, and reject their sex role script. The eyes may read them as the opposite colour even if they have not painted themselves to be read like that, they will still contrast them against the background assigned to their anatomy. An example of this is a person who can be read female as far as anatomy goes will always be contrasted against the pink background (the script of femininity) and any lack of pinkness ( social femininity) or any sign of blueness (social masculinity) will be punished. A person read male in terms of anatomical sex will always be contrasted against the blue background (script of masculinity) and any lack of blueness (social masculinity)  or sign of pinkness (social femininity) will be punished. Im most cases lack of masculinity performance is read as femininity and lack of femininity performance is read as masculinity by the eyes, and the people laugh just as loud. There is no inbetween when everything in the realm of human existence had been coded pink or blue in some way, all interests, traits, activities, opinions, ways of thinking and feeling.

Those who walk the line between whats coded  masculine and feminine in culture, or between whats coded male and female in biology, will be forever in site of the eyes and forever hear the people laugh. There trying to remain whole and follow ones own path in a world where eyes are like laser beams set on dividing one apart and where around every corner is a route only some parts of oneself are permitted to take. It can seem like existence itself  is a contradiction, one where its not possible to be complete and if its hard to be oneself when some parts of us appear to cancel the other parts out due to prompting others to pull us in different directions. A trip along transition highway with only two destinations seems like the only alternative direction but the wrong one.

The only path to freedom is total destruction of the two cordoned off landscapes and this is done by stopping painting them pink and blue. This is achieved by stopping sorting humans into two groups based on anatomical features and labeling them males and females, and giving this social significance through violent enforcement of sex roles. The masculinity role is an instrumental role and the femininity role is an expressive role, we experience our self as masculine and feminine because we all have a tapestry of instrumental and expressive traits. Whats within us and has no reference to our sexed anatomy is divided in half based on that sexed anatomy, as a result unnatural polarization within the self occurs.  Instrumental and expressive are not naturally divided, its only through sex role scripts that they become refined. When they do those assigned male are punished for expressiveness (emotions, certain ways of speaking and dressing, expressive tasks,) and those assigned female are punished for instrumentality (playing rough, wanting to do certain sports, wearing functional clothing that lacks expressivity, direct speech, having muscles, being direct). Instrumentality is not naturally blue and expressiveness is not naturally pink, it becomes so and in this process its true potential is destroyed.

Sex role scripts are scripts of extraction, codes to make people act in ways that serve the system and give up their skills. They ensure people cultivate parts of themselves around their bodies physical capacity for reproduction so the system can get maximum workload out of everyone while ensuring replacement of the working population. Sex role scripts also act to maintain a power structure between those assigned male and those assigned female, but it needs to be remembered the structure that creates the sex role scripts has been here before all those who live today inherited their position in it. This is why its a waste of time chasing out who have the most power in it based on sex or gender, other than for the purpose of recognizing who may be motivated to hold onto the current system. There is no point looking for a direction to deliver punishment, instead all destructive energy must be turned against the very system itself, the system of social hierarchy which sex role scripts form a part. There is also no point in different identity groups based around gender spending time working out who has the most privileged under the current system around gender, because all we do when we do so is further tighten the chains. What can be done instead is look at all those identities as directions and whos direction is most obstructed by this system, then work together on removing the obstacles in the way of their direction.  Remember too that for as long as this system remains the eyes will always see and the people will always laugh, at some directions more then others. Identities can be viewed as erasing other identities just by existing, but directions can only be viewed as erasing another direction if they are directly in the path obstructing it. The person critiquing the things that you see as part of your identity may not actually be in the way of the direction you want to take, they may not be anywhere near  and instead something elses is, probably the system itself. A system thats more than just a collection of bad opinions, a system held in place by something greater then the eyes that see and the people that laugh, many of these eyes are held in the same chains too, along with those that laugh. Most have been conned to think they benefit from a system that sucks the life blood out of them, just bc they have food on the table and a job. The chains of this system are economic and the chains of sex role scripts are part of it.

What needs to be remembered is the system of oppression cannot be overcome by any type of transgression, not by the poor becoming rich or by fluidity in who can perform each sex role script. The poor can never become rich, because the only solution is for all to share one level of wealth and by definition no one would be rich because to be so can only be understood in comparison to someone else being poor. What everyone can have though is material abundance, in equal measure in a world less wasteful. Its for this same reason we can’t all become powerful, because power like wealth is defined by a position in relation to others. What we can all have though is a path in life we get a say in and we can learn how to chart paths in life that dont act to obstruct the paths of others. Until the system that creates sex role scripts is destroyed we are all swimming against its tide in our attempts to go against sex role scripts.


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