This blog is dedicated to criticizing the enforcement of sex roles in society, and the gendering of human personality traits, clothing and behavior. A lot of the theory has been taken from the Bem theory of sex roles which states that we all have a mix of instrumental and expressive traits. In society the female sex role demands more expressive traits and the male sex role demands more instrumental traits, people who have an high level of traits that match their sex role find their sex role more easy to adjust to. I have called this aspect of gendered self gendurality taken from the term genderality which means to be gendered masculine and feminine (note, this is not the same as gender identity and deals with culturally created notions of gender and how personality traits align with them). I use the term gendural orientation to describe orientation towards things culturally masculine or feminine as an alternative to the already existing term of “sex role orientation”, the reason i do this is because gendurality is related to personality trait motivated behaviors and not biological sex. Gendurality is something one would have aswell as biological sex and gender identity, not instead of. On this blog i will be referring to gender identity as core sex identity because im of the opinion that some gender identities are being formed based on socially created masculinity and femininity (Gendurality).

This is a gender critical style blog, but its not radfem based gender critical in that i do believe that a biological basis does exist for core sex identity, i also think though that it needs to be separated out what exactly is trans and what is not because there is a social situation where people have more right to continue on their path if they medically transition then what they do if they just cross dress or transgress sex role expectations.

My theory is that whats currently called gender expression is a mix of expression of sex identity and culturally constructed things related to sex, along with a persons gendurality. Problems can emerge if certain things dont link up in the way culturally expected, because people get backlash.  Personality traits and gendurality can easily result in gender non conforming behavior that can be misinterpreted  as gender dysphoria and the suffering from the attempts of others to force individuals into the socially required behaviors for sex roles can cause inner suffering that is highly likely responsible for some medical transitions by people who have no sex dysphoria.

I wish for gendural orientation to be recognized and protected as a actual thing and separate from gender identity, but not a replacement for it. This is an aswell as, not an instead of.

I support the feminist stance that patriarchy is responsible for sex role enforcement ON OTHERS, and not some biological drive. Removing the sexual hierarchy will be the only way to end sex role enforcement for good, and the only way to do this is to free women from male control, not by increasing the value of the roles allocated to women as this only works if all women stick to their roles so represents no freedom at all. By totally abolishing the sex role script mandate, and leaving the sexed body, core sex identity, gendurality and all aspects of self free from the chains of sex role scripts. These things will then become things people are free to do but not tell others to do, and the institutions of society wont have a sex role script expectation ingrained in them.

If i was to sum up how i see gender i would define it as a direction obstructed by the chains of sex role scripts. Radfem want an end to the direction and the scripts because they think the direction is caused by the obstacles blocking its path. Trans politics today cant see the obstacles as obstacles and sees the obstacles and the obstruction they cause as part of the experience of gender. I insist that a wish to go in a direction exists independent to the things in the way of that direction, but the things in the way act to effect the direction via re rooting etc. In other words the experience of gender will be different when the chains of the scripts (which are the obstacles) are removed.

The chains are the sex role mandate its self, not the personality traits, clothing or behaviors encoded in them. The chains are the socially enforced link between the sexed body and the sex role expectation regardless of identity or direction one wants to go in.


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